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1. Testing antibacterial potency of long-term active biocides.

Antimicrobial surfaces aim to reduce the cross-contamination of pathogens on the surface.

Antimicrobial Surface Testing 

Antimicrobial Fabric Testing

a.      Antimicrobial potency test
b.     Stability test
c.      Durability test
d.     Real world test

Our expertise in the field of biocide can provide a solution by testing in real-world facilities on various premises, such as hospitals, aviation, schools, gym, day-care, aged care, and so on. Various modified tests can give you assurance about the efficacy of the product. 

The antimicrobial potency test determines the killing ability of the product. Stability and durability tests can determine how long the product is active on the surface. Real-world tests will provide the information of antibacterial efficacy of product in real life environment.

2. Testing bactericidal efficacy of disinfectants - TGA disinfectant test  

 TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) disinfectant test required to support the claims of bactericidal efficacy according to Australian standard. Therapeutic Goods (Standard for Disinfectants and Sanitary Products) (TGO 104) 2019 is designed to support the quality, safety and efficacy of therapeutic goods that are disinfectants, sterilant, sanitary fluids and powders.

1. TGA disinfectant test 

a)  For a hospital-grade disinfectant      b) For a household/commercial grade disinfectant    

2.  Disinfectant performance tests 

a) Tests for the physical stability           b) Shelf life of disinfectants   

3. Disinfectant wipes test 

a) Hospital grade wipes                              b) Household/commercial grade wipes


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